Auction Rules

The buyers (participants) who will participate in the online auctions we organize as an E-Antique Auction company are deemed to have accepted the following conditions in advance.

1- E-Antika Auction is an intermediary for the seller and is entitled to a commission at the time of sale due to the intermediary service it performs instantly in the electronic environment. The commission rate applied in our auction is 10% and the VAT rate is 18%. The payment period is 7 (seven) business days after the end of the auction, the "TC Central Bank" exchange rate of that day is taken as a basis for payments. After the auction, there is no "CANCELLATION OF SALE, RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL" or "withdrawal from the purchase". 30% intermediary service is applied as a penal condition. The buyer is strictly responsible for the bid / offer made as a result of participation in the auction.

2- Any work that is not paid for will not be delivered to the buyer. If the price of the purchased work is not paid in full within 7 days, E-Antika Auction is authorized to terminate the sales contract and to collect all damages and losses incurred by applying legal means, together with a monthly 15% interest to be charged from the date of the auction. E-Antika Auction's rights to other lawsuits and claims are reserved. For whatever reason, the buyer cannot claim the nullity of the auction.

3- The works offered for sale in e-Antique Auction auctions are evaluated by the most valuable experts and authorities, and according to the "Cultural and Natural Assets Protection Law" numbered 2863, T.R. It is checked and approved by the Museum experts of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Topkapı Palace Museum, Istanbul Archeology Museum, Military Museum, Hagia Sophia Museum, Yıldız Palace Museum, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, etc.), and documents are given to those who fall within the scope of the law and are deemed necessary.

4- The "Average Appraisal Value / Estimated Price of the Work" in the auction catalog is the global value average for information purposes, determined based on the opinions of experts and experts, and the international art market of works with similar characteristics, and the presentation and sales results in previous domestic / international auctions and exhibitions. In this evaluation, the condition, rarity, quality, provenance and reference information of the work are also taken into consideration.

5- Works offered for sale by auction are exhibited in advance. For this reason, it is accepted that those who buy works from the auction have seen and examined the works before. All works are offered for sale “as is” and there is no obligation to write in the descriptions of the works. The buyer accepts and undertakes that all works are offered for sale "as is", that he has sufficiently examined / checked the sold work in advance and waives the provisions specified in Articles 198 and 223 of the Code of Obligations. The buyer cannot object to any defects, restoration, repair or renewal of some parts of the work after the sale has taken place. E-Antika Auction is not liable for the monopoly of the goods sold, and no objection or demand can be made in the future in this regard. The buyer accepts these situations in advance and cannot make any demands from our institution afterwards.

6- Statements, explanations, definitions, all kinds of announcements and all information contained in the auction catalog are only the opinions and comments of experts and experts, and the information obtained from the sources, and not in the nature of commitment, but in the nature of general information. The buyer accepts this situation in advance and cannot make any demands from our institution.

7- Articles, articles, explanations and images published in the auction catalog cannot be published or used in whole or in part without written permission. For this reason, E-Antika Auction may claim any fee, royalty and compensation that it determines or will determine.

8- In cases where the works offered for sale within the scope of Online Auction do not have the declared qualifications, are not suitable for the declaration in terms of origin, or are disposed of without the consent of the right holder, the legal responsibility belongs to the person requesting the sale of the work, since E-Antika Auction is not a seller.

9- Increasing the price of the work put up for auction can be started with less than the estimated price or with the bid method (1 TL/1USD). The work that does not exceed the reserve price will not be sold.

10- Since the auction is carried out according to the regulation in TCO 274 and the following articles and cannot be considered as a distance sales contract regulated in Article 48 of the Consumer Law, the person participating in the auction has no right of withdrawal. In addition, pursuant to Article 45 of the Law No. 5846 and the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 27.09.2006 and numbered 2006/10880, in this context, on the condition that the document order is complied with, the shares to be paid to the artists or right holders are given to the owners of the works whose works will be sold at auction. -Antique Auction's right of recourse is reserved.

11- E-Antika Auction website membership information of the auction participant, the registration form and the open mail address and other contact information specified in the other participation agreements, due to incompleteness, inaccuracy and change in the information given or due to other reasons, or due to the late arrival or failure to reach. -Antique Auction is not responsible.

12- Anyone who registers as a member and obtains a member number and participates in the online auction is deemed to have accepted in advance all of these terms and rules, as well as other rights and obligations of our institution. New laws, changes in laws and changes in tax rates that may arise after the auction or sale announcement will be reflected to the buyers and sellers, and E-Antika Auction will not be held responsible. Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized for disputes that may arise.​